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Institute of Communications Engineering
Welcome to Institute of Communications Engineering
          The phenomenal growth of Internet access, multimedia communications, and wireless communications has made broadband communication systems and networking technologies one of the most important parts for science and technology development in developed countries. Adapting to this trend, National Tsing Hua University founded the Institute of Communications Engineering in 1999, with faculty members coming from the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Science at the same university. The Institute puts its emphasis on teaching and research activities in areas of communication systems and communication networks.

        The Institute currently has five professors, seven associate professor, and four assistant professors with expertise in communication systems, and five professors, three associate professors, and two assistant professors with expertise in communication networks. Research topics on communication systems include wireless communications, communication system chip design, digital communications, error correction codes, signal processing for communications and networks, broadband communications, and cooperative communications. Research topics on communication networks include wireless networks, mobile computing, sensor network, Internet, high-speed switching, multimedia networks, fiber-optical networks, and SOC design for networking. The faculty members of the Institute have had pretty outstanding performance in both teaching and research. For example, one of them is the winner of the 1999 Technical Achievement Award of the IEEE Computer Society, four are IEEE Fellows, four have received the Distinguished Research Award from the National Science Council, and five have received the Distinguished Teaching Award from National Tsing Hua University. Moreover, some faculty members of the Institute are now holding editorial positions of internationally prestigious journals or serving as committee members of international conferences. The Institute is continuing seeking outstanding faculty members to further enhance its teaching and research in communication technologies.

        The program of this institute places a strong emphasis on innovative thinking and independent research. Students are also required to participate in research projects so that they can practice what they learn from the program. With many advanced computer systems, communication and network facilities, and the unique beautiful campus of National Tsing Hua University, it is believed that the Institute is one of the best choices for graduate study in communication technologies.